September 28, 2020



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RE: MOLYKOTE™ L-0460 FM Chain Oil

Category Code: H1

NSF Registration No.127100



NSF has processed the application for Registration of MOLYKOTE™ L-0460 FM Chain Oil to the NSF International Registration Guidelines for Proprietary Substances and Nonfood Compounds (2017), which are available upon request by contacting . The NSF Nonfood Compounds Registration Program is a continuation of the USDA product approval and listing program, which is based on meeting regulatory requirements including FDA 21 CFR for appropriate use, ingredient and labeling review.


This product is acceptable as a lubricant with incidental food contact (H1) for use in and around food processing areas. Such compounds may be used on food processing equipment as a protective anti-rust film, as a release agent on gaskets or seals of tank closures, and as a lubricant for machine parts and equipment in locations in which there is a potential exposure of the lubricated part to food. The amount used should be the minimum required to accomplish the desired technical effect on the equipment. If used as an anti-rust film, the compound must be removed from the equipment surface by washing or wiping, as required to leave the surface effectively free of any substance which could be transferred to food being processed.


NSF Registration of this product is current when the NSF Registration Mark and Category Code appear on the NSF-approved product label, and the Registered product name is included in the current NSF White Book Listing of Nonfood Compounds at the NSF website (


NSF Listing of all Registered Nonfood compounds by NSF International is not an endorsement of those compounds, or of any performance or efficacy claims made by the manufacturer.


Registration status may be verified at any time via the NSF website, at . Please note the letter date reflects most recent product review. NSF utilizes annual verification to ensure no changes have been made to a registered product. Changes in formulation or label, without the prior written consent of NSF, will void Registration, and will supersede the on-line listing. Please contact your NSF Account Manager or if you have any questions or concerns pertaining to this letter.






NSF NonFood Compound Registration Program Company No: C0534486

127100 Molykote L-0460